About us

At the Bix Montessori School and Forest School children have an unrivalled start to their education. Situated on beautiful Bix Common, the amazing environment offers the opportunity for both indoor and outdoor learning. To ensure each child receives the attention they need to thrive, we keep our class sizes very small with high numbers of highly qualified and passionate Montessori teachers.

In addition to our extensive Montessori and Forest School curriculum, we offer woodwork, yoga, gardening, cooking, ballet, science experiments, animal care and even pony riding. 

Each child can find something that they excel at and above all we make learning fun. Children can free flow between classroom and garden. Your child can attend up to five Forest School sessions weekly. Every child has an individual curriculum tailored to their interests, giving them an intrinsic drive and curiosity to learn more, which sets them up for life. Our children are happy, motivated and confident and ready to take that all-important step to their next schools (which we regularly visit).

At Bix Montessori, staff not only hold the regular Montessori Early Childhood Diploma (for three- to seven-year-olds) that other Montessori nurseries do, but also a very rare Infant Toddler Montessori Diploma (for nought- to three-year-olds), meaning they truly understand how to create a Montessori environment for these two-year-olds.

Child development research is increasingly finding a link between the problem-solving skills produced by outdoor activity and the later development of maths and literacy ability.

Bix Montessori children learn to help each other, to take responsibility — through care of their environment, each other and their many animals — and to make guided choices about learning activities.

We believe the most important thing for a two-year-old is to form a strong bond with a key person who can make them feel safe away from home. Your child is welcome to have as many home visits and pre-starting visits as they need.

The school is open from 9am to 4pm, five days a week.  Children can join us from two to five years of age: morning, afternoon or full days. To find out more, call Sophie Marriott on 07795 168293 or email sophie@bixmontessori.co.uk

" Staff are dedicated and have a passion for providing the best learning environment for the children in their care. Parents say that the staff surpass their expectations and that their children make 'amazing progress'. Partnerships with parents are exceptionally strong."

Chris Lamey - Ofsted Inspector

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